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Moving Health Care Forward in 2017

  • We understand that many of our customers have questions about how President Trump's recent Executive Order, as well as discussions in Congress, will impact their health insurance coverage.
    • As we learn more information in the coming months, we will help our members understand any changes to the law and what those changes mean to them.
  • Coverage remains in effect for all of our members.
  • Our top priority is to ensure that there is a smooth transition to a better health care system, with minimal disruption to our members. We want to assure that they have a choice of health plans and access to a broad network of providers.
  • We are working with our elected federal officials, as well as our state lawmakers and regulators, to ensure that Kansans have access to high-quality health care at a price they can afford.
    • In particular, we are sharing ideas for improving the individual market, so that consumers have more choices, better prices and a robust private marketplace that is predictable and stable.
  • The individual market is facing serious challenges. We need to improve the functioning of the individual market so it can serve as a bridge to a better solution in the future.


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