A personalized well-being approach

Well-being is personal. We all have our own interests, our own health goals and routines that make us unique. But well-being isn’t only your physical health, it’s your mental health, too. 2 in 5 Kansans experience mental illness in any given year. 

Strive, powered by WebMD ONE, provides an experience that is unique to you – for both your physical and mental health.   


You’ll find tools that will help you focus on your unique interests.

Whether you’d like to spend more time working out at the gym, find ways to relieve stress,
or doing anything in-between, Strive can be customized to match your unique goals.

Get started

If you haven’t used Strive, you can either register by logging in to your BlueAccess account and clicking on the Strive section or by downloading the Wellness At Your Side app.

How to download the app

  • Step 1) Visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for “Wellness At Your Side.”
  • Step 2) Download and open the app, then enter the connection code: BCBSKS 
  • Step 3) Sign-in using BlueAccess username and password.


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What to expect the first time you log in

You’ll answer a handful of questions about your background and health, as well as your current interests and priorities. WebMD will use this information to create a well-being experience that’s unique to you, and point you in the right direction so you can get the most out of Strive.


Interested in mental health resources?

Find mental health support with tools that can help you discover health and happiness.
This includes Just Five, an online, self-paced program, focused on increasing awareness and reducing stigma about addiction prevention and treatment. Just Five includes six five-minute learning experiences. The lessons combine animated and expert videos, interactive learning, and extra materials.

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